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Porto Cheli

Porto Cheli port, an image of the port with its clear blue waters.

The area of Porto Cheli is a mainland village by the sea, with turquoise waters and surrounded by green. Porto Cheli has a fairly large port which serves as a safe haven for many sail boats and yachts who get caught in bad weather. I myself have used the port due to bad weather in the area, in the morning when I stepped above deck I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was surrounded by the most beautiful scenery, almost like someone had painted it. Celebrities from many countries choose Porto Cheli for their vacation destination, so it must be the perfect place for a destination wedding. There are venues for every kind of wedding you could imagine. In Porto Cheli you can find very luxurious hotels/resorts, villas , and apartments which makes it easier for you and your guests to find accommodation.

Porto Cheli map

There are also many activities to do while you and your guests are enjoying your vacation. One of my favorite things about this destination is that it is still main land, no need to take a boat. Just rent a car and enjoy the Beautiful scenery. In Porto Cheli you will enjoy clear turquoise waters, cosmopolitan atmosphere, summer nightlife, and fresh fish. If you enjoy snorkeling then I suggest you go and explore the sunken ancient city of Alieon. Located near the natural harbor, this city was known for a special dye used to dye royal clothing known as "Tyrian purple". The city is said to be built in 468 BC and participated in many battles during the Peloponnesian war. Alieon was destroyed in 303 BC and leaves us only clues of its achievements. Another way to discover the town of Porto Cheli is by bicycle. Rent a bike and explore the culture and scenery of this beautiful destination. You can also take a day trip (or 2) to the nearby island of Spetses, and if time allows Idra as well. Island hopping and road trips are some of the best things to do while enjoying your destination wedding in Greece.

A beach at Porto Cheli with it's turquoise waters.

Of course, like most of Greek destinations the beaches are what people want to hear about. Located in the bay there is a sandy beach near many of the hotels and resorts. This long sandy beach is perfect for skiing and other water sports. There are also many restaurants nearby, so after your fun day in the sun it will be easy to find a delicious meal. Another nice beach to visit is located behind the church of Evagelistria. This small pebble beach is calm and has a beautiful view, perfect for winding down and relaxing. Roughly 3km northwest of Porto Cheli is Ververoda bay. This bay is riddled with small pebbled beaches and clear water. Also, in this area you will find Ververoda lake or more commonly known as the pirate's hideout. The locals believe that the waters of this lake have therapeutic effects to some diseases. Located about 5km south of Porto Cheli lays the beautiful Chinitsa beach. This beautiful sandy beach was awarded the blue flag and is highly recommended.

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