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Olive Oil Tasting A Unique Experience

Becoming an olive oil sommelier for a day

Have you ever thought how olive oil blends with wedding activities in Greece and traditional Greek wedding favours? Or, perhaps, how an olive oil tasting can accentuate yours and your guests’ experience while in Greece? Olive oil has a long history and plays an integral role in Greek culture, weddings included! Homer used to call olive oil “liquid gold”. Hippocrates called it “the great healer” due to its health benefits, high nutritional value and its contribution to tradition and gastronomy. The role of olive oil and the olive tree is, in fact, so important and unique that brides often choose the olive branch as their main wedding theme and part of their decorations and wedding favours. They do so to share its values and symbolism of peace and eternity; the couple’s love will blossom and stand against time much like the olive tree flourished and remained alive throughout the centuries.

When planning your destination wedding in Greece, every bride wants to create a beautiful day and a memorable experience for herself and her guests! So, when thinking of what wedding activities your guests can do while in Greece, why not offer them the opportunity to unfold their senses through an authentic and unique experience; that of an olive oil tasting with an olive oil sommelier!

Olive oil tasting is part of the newest trend in gastronomy and alternative tourism, making it in vogue and being fundamental to the cultivation of an “olive oil culture” – the formation of healthy habits and solid knowledge on olive oil as a key ingredient of a nourishing and self-caring way of life. Olive oil tasting is an exquisite and well-balanced combination of science and art that arouses our senses and allows us to uncover hidden aromas and flavours that guide us towards high quality extra virgin olive oil and follows us for the rest of our life!

After all, consuming high quality olive oil is a health investment and an act of taking care of ourselves and loved ones.

But, what exactly is it that your guests will experience? They will open up to a new world of sensations in a fun, engaging, tasty and educational way that aims to make them better informed consumers and olive oil lovers. Under the guidance of a certified olive oil sommelier, guests will walk through an olive grove, explore the old olive trees, learn about their lifecycle from farm to bottle and discuss olive oil’s role in gastronomy, health, nutrition and sustainability. Then, sitting around a table under the shades of the olive trees, your guests will become olive oil sommeliers for a day as they will learn how to smell and taste olive oil so as to explore the tantalising aromas of fine Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and will learn to describe it with the correct terms – fruity, bitter, pungent.

They will use the official olive oil tasting glasses used by professionals and train their smell to detect aromas such as fresh grass, green tomatoes, almonds, herbs and artichoke and they will evaluate olive oil as olive oil experts do in a sensory analysis. Together with the olive oil sommelier, participants debunk popular myths about olive oil in a fun way and find the answers to the many questions that surround olive oil and Mediterranean lifestyle!

A key element is that participants will learn how to identify a defective olive oil, how to use olive oil in their daily cooking habits, how to select, store and enjoy high quality olive oil in food pairings!

Learning all about olive oil will help your guests better appreciate EVOO, enjoy it as part of their daily diet, encourage them to form healthier and tastier habits and experiment with wonderful EVOO and food pairings at home for their friends and family! This is a unique experience, one that enables people to explore new flavours and aromas, live a local, authentic way of life, participate in the evaluation of olive oil and learn how to make well-informed decisions about their health. A truly memorable and informative experience that will introduce them to Mediterranean lifestyle and will elevate their life forever!

So, when thinking what your guests can do when in Greece for your wedding, look no further! Let us share with you the secrets of fine extra virgin olive oil and take you with us on a trip of aromas, flavours, food pairings and new sensations! We will be happy to meet you, share with you our passion for excellent olive oil and welcome you to our beautiful olive grove!

Marianna Devetzoglou

Olive Oil Sommelier, Educator & Olive Oil Ambassador



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