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Kythnos is an island very close to Athens in which many couples getting maried start to show interest. We are here to present you a real Boho wedding which took place on the beach of Kouri, on the beautiful island of Kythnos.

Amazing scenery with extraordinary beauty accompanied by the moon of August. Konstantinos and Tania, the main characters in our little story, wished to have a wedding on the beach together with a few close friends.

What they didn’t know though, was that they would need the help of a Greek destination wedding planner who would create a scenery that would suit not only the surroundings but also their temperament.

The wedding date was only two weeks away and they still hadn’t found that person who would combine the scenery with their characters.

It was at the Christening of a friend of theirs, and which Alexia had engaged to decorate, that we first met. Tania made the decision to make our first appointment and so came to our showroom the following day.

We were shown pictures of the beach they wanted to have their wedding on, pointing out that they desired the decoration to match the surroundings and respect the environment.

Their main concern was of course that the time we had was very limited, as only two weeks were left until the wedding date. Our proposal was their sole choice – a wedding in boho style with macrame.

There is a whole philosophy behind macrame, it is not just a wedding style. It is made with cotton thread and many hours of work are needed. As an expert in macramé, I was very confident I could materialize their project in the given time and that the result would definitely meet their expectations.

A fantastic Boho scenery was set up on the beach both for the couple and their guests to create memories and capture the mood with their cameras and phones. Macrame details from the arch together with the awesome compositions of flowers.

Big pillows were placed on the ground and around them wooden tents made of macrame. Plenty of candles both on the sand and on the water completed our magical scenery.

The couple together with their friends enjoyed the atmosphere on this fantastic August night, drinking cocktails and listening to relaxing music.

Our bride was in a light stylish dress and her hair was decorated with a long boho macrame wedding veil. Her wedding bouquet was a unique garland made of branches with handmade macrame edges.

Tania’s review undoubtedly proves that I met all their expectations:

“Alexia has been more than absolutely perfect and we were thrilled with the result! She gave 100% of herself and loved our wedding as if she were one of our friends, all of whom completely agreed that everything was amazing! All in all, in our case, the fact that we fell “a liiitle” behind with the preparations, the beautiful scenery with fantastic people, an almost full moon and of course Alexia with her magic, completed the puzzle of the wedding of our dreams! Alexia, thank you so much!!!

Wedding Concept, Design :@byalexiapapadopoulou

Macrame decoration :@byalexiapapadopoulou


Florals: @@byalexiapapadopoulou

Photography: @lefteriskalogios

Accomontation : @guardiero_luxury_accommodation

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