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We understand that when it comes to weddings there are so many choices, and throwing a destination wedding into the mix, it becomes almost overwhelming. That’s where we step in. We help you become aware of the choices that you face, and find you a great match for your dream location. We work through the paperwork with you, we negotiate with fantastic suppliers leaving you stress-free, ready to enjoy your wedding completely


This is why we are completely transparent and upfront about our services and pricing options. We want you to be completely in the know before making a decision as what you’d like for your wedding day.


The Full Wedding Planning Service

Ancient Olympia is one of the most famous ancient sites in Greece and a perfect name for our biggest wedding service. This service is ideal for you if you need our full professional assistance from planning your wedding from the start through to coordinating your day up to taking care of registering your marriage at the town hall the next day. We will recommend, source and manage all your wedding suppliers according to your needs. Planning can start from 1 to 2 years in advance depending on your location and requirements.

You can choose from the following options:

  • Booking the venue

  • Booking & arranging the reception venue

  • Booking & managing all wedding suppliers

  • Arranging for translation and provision of legal documents

  • On the day coordination

  • Arranging for the Marriage Licence

  • Decoration & styling the venue(s)

  • Transport for you and your guests throughout your stay in Greece (Airport / hotel / wedding venue)

  • Coordinating your suppliers

  • Payment reminders for your suppliers

  • Provision of the day

  • Setting your time-line of the day

  • Assisting with events before and after the wedding day.


Our fee starts at £4500

or 10% of your wedding budget (for weddings over £50,000)

Supplier & Venue fees are not included


The Partial Wedding Planning Service

The Kefalonia service is ideal for you if you have managed the majority of your own wedding planning and you’d simply enjoy some assistance for 3-6 months before your wedding. We can supervise and arrange everything for you, in a tailored package to suit you from the following options:


  • Coordinating the translation and providing the necessary legal documents

  • Decorating and styling your wedding venue

  • Managing your suppliers

  • Payment reminders for your suppliers

  •  Provision of the day

  • Next day registration of your wedding

  • On day Coordination       

  • Coordinating your suppliers

  • Setting your time-line guide

  • Assisting with events before and after the wedding day


Our fee £3000

Supplier & Venue fees are not included


The Elopement Service

If you dream of your wedding being just the two of you, then this service is perfect for you. We provide our professional assistance to make your secret a dream come true by supervising and arranging everything for you. This package is ideal for symbolic weddings, if you are planning for an intimate civil wedding contact us for more information.


You can tailor your needs completely from the following options:


  • Booking the venue*

  • Booking a romantic dinner

  • Booking your celebrant

  • Booking a hair & makeup artist

  • Booking your Photographer /Videographer

  • Booking a chauffeur

  • Arranging a florist

  • Assistance with your legal documents

  • Arranging Wedding Cake

Our fee is £1500

On day Coordination, Supplier & venue fees are not included


Ask the Planner

Delphi was once home to the oracle Pythia at the temple of Apollo in Greek mythology hence the perfect name for our Ask the Planner service. This service is ideal for the couples that are planning their wedding themselves and need the extra help of expert knowledge to plan their wedding in Greece without having to hire a wedding planner.


In a 2 hour planning session you will get:


  • Access to all our recommended suppliers list and their contact details

  • Access to our recommended venue list according to location

  • A FREE downloadable / printable 100 pages personalized A4 wedding planner worth of £13 of which you can keep in a binder. Wedding planner contains: timelines, legal documentation info.,budget sheets, table seating, guest lists, order of the day, supplier management and many more

  • All our professional tips

  • You will leave the meeting confident, stress free, 100% in control knowing exactly what you have to do and when

  • Plus an extra BONUS for the first 10 couples that will book their meetings during this week until (Friday the 29th of March), I will offer them an extra 30 minute follow up/ supportive meeting for whenever they feel the need to ask a question or need my assistance during their wedding planning journey

 Fee: £350  


Legal Document Assistance Service

We support you with your legal documentation timeline guide by reminding you when each document needs to be issued and translate them all for you in time.


All services can be personalised and adjusted according to your needs.

If you have any questions about our services, and would like to know more please contact us here.

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Anna & the Team

“We just had our wedding in Santorini Greece, all arranged by Greek Dream Planners. Everything went perfect we had a great team behind us who made our day very special. We did not have to worry about anything and were able to relax and enjoy the whole experience. We were blown away by the fantastic service Anna, Panos and their team gave us. We recommend Greek Dream Planners to anyone looking for beautiful seamless event.

Well done!”


Jennifer & Brad Tremblay - Canada

Santorini  elope wedding planner
Athens Wedding

“Greek Dream Planners, planned all my wedding with all the details, from booking the hotels, the wedding arrangements, paper works, the favor gifts, the ceremony, the welcome drinks, the festive dinner till the cars rental, everything was very professional and beautiful with very high sense of good taste. I can write pages of comments, Anna is so professional, our wedding was a mix between 2 cultures, 2 different countries and 2 different customs, she put them together and she consider everything with so much respect and love to what she does. The choice of the location to suit everybody especially for kids with special needs who was invited to the wedding, the airport and the port pick-ups for our guests, decoration, photographers.


She made our big day unforgettable.


She deserve all respect and the most important thing, the prices was so logic and affordable, we cannot thank her enough for that.”


Sonia & Kostas - Greece

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