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Greek Wedding Planner

Hello! I’m Anna and I’m the founder of Greek Dream Planners.  


It has been a dream of mine to become a Greek wedding planner since I can remember and in 2015 I brought that dream to life by creating Greek Dream Planners, specializing in planning Greek destination weddings. Friends joke that I never stop talking about Greece because I am so proud of its beauty and rich history and through my wedding business I make the hidden gems of this country come alive in a beautiful and meaningful way.


Greece is not only Santorini! I have teams of professionals in each location who help me work in all areas of the country. My goal is to give our couples the opportunity to discover breathtaking private locations in Greece for their dream wedding. Did you know that Greece has winter resorts where it snows, amazing springs and rivers for a natural mythical atmosphere, and of course stunning beaches with crystal blue seas and clifftops with panoramic views. Our beloved Greece really does have it all!


With 13 years’ experience in the events & hospitality industry, I met my husband at his mother’s wedding on Kefalonia and moved to England to live with him in 2014. A year later, I launched my Greek destination wedding planning business - Greek Dream Planners, along with 3 incredible women in my family. I now divide my time between our beloved Greece and my family home with my son in Lincolnshire.


We are a family business and we enjoy making our clients feel part of our family. I believe our team’s knowledge and experience of the Greek language, traditions, locations and all the necessary paperwork needed help us deliver a quality service that gives our clients the sense of safety and trust.

Having so much experience in the hospitality & tourism industry it was easy to tap into the large network of great professionals in all the idyllic Greek destinations. Due to our unique advantage, we take pride in how we help you choose your location according to your needs but also help you combine both the perfect wedding for you and the perfect holiday for you and your guests.


You enjoy the finer things in life and you’re in love with the minimal modern idea of a stunning Greek destination wedding. You’re most likely a lover of natural beauty, and maybe one of your favourite movies is Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, The Odyssey, Troy or Mamma Mia and you fell in love with the setting and the romantic stunning scenery.  You want to find a professional you can trust with the most treasured day of your life, and we’re here to help. So, please take a look at our different services, all lovingly named after famous Greek destinations. 

Destination Wedding Greece
Greek Destination Wedding

“Anna is the the kind of person who works with her heart, soul  & dedicates completely to those who she works for. So I decided that this is not business, what we do is something special that must be done with all our love and with all our heart. Honestly I learned from you to make this event from my heart and to get emotionally involved because you have no idea how I first looked at this wedding planning process (like a business woman) : Hire the wedding planner, Buy the dress (don’t care what), Find the rings (no big deal), Go there, Have the wedding and continue our vacation…. Now I look at every detail, try things, compare, get involved… work with all my heart for this wedding. You are special, you succeeded in changing me in a short period of time 180 degrees! Thank you and be proud of yourself because you are the best!”

Cristina Ursache - Romania

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