Monemvasia Wines


Monemvasia Winery was founded in 20 September 1997 in Velies, a part of the municipality of Monemvasia in the district of Laconia.

Monemvasia was famous from ancient times not only for its privileged location and its well known fortress-castle “Castro” but also for its reputed Malvasia wine produced in the wider area of Monemvasia from which it acquired its name, (Malvasia as the Francs used to call Monemvasia).

From the 12th century and for five hundred years, Malvasia wine dominated the Eastern and Western markets; never before was a wine so famous for so long.

Monemvasia Winery persistently and consistently has undertaken a study of the features of the local grape varieties for twelve years, an adventurous marathon with many battles on the way. It has been involved in the creation of experimental vineyards and experimental vinification with the Wine Institute. It has conducted international scientific symposiums on the wine of Monemvasia - Malvasia. Finally, on 23 July 2010 the issue of 1125 of the official Government Gazette

was published where the wines Monemvasia - Malvasia were recognized as protected designation of origin for sweet white wine from sundried grapes and wine liqueur from sundried grapes as well.

From this research and experimental vineyards, Monemvasia Winery, having the raw material (grapes), produced experimentally sundried sweet wine Monemvasia - Malvasia with exceptional results.

On the 2013 Monemvasia Winery has bottled the Monemvasia - Malvasia (2010) for the first time!

Building on this unique tradition, Monemvasia Winery, with knowledge and respect for the history of its region, produces quality bottled wines traded under the names of: AKRA MOREA, KASTROPOLITIA, MALEATIS, LALOUDI, FILERI, MONEMVASIOS, “300” AKRA MINOA, ASYRTIKO, KYDONITSA, ASPROUDI, ANTHOSMIAS, MURA ROSSA, N/A (NOTIOANATOLIKA), Monemvasia - Malvasia.

To date, the products of Monemvasia Winery have been awarded with more than 200 Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in international wine competitions and the winery received the first prize as the best new company in the Peloponnese.

... Monemvasia, precious not only due to the fortification of its site

but also because of the superb wine produced in its vicinity,

known to all of Europe under the name of Wine of Malvasia....

(K. Paparrigopoulos, History of the Hellenic Nation, ed1926, page 246).

Malvasia wine was know high and wide throughout Europe; referred to as Malvoisie in France, Malvasia in Italy and beyond and Malmsey in England.

Shakespeare mentions the wine in King Richard III, where the Duke of Clarence, brother of King Edward the IV, is brutally murdered.

In Act I scene IV he is murdered in the Tower when his slayer says: I’ll drown you in the Malmsey-butt within .


2010 & 2012

Sweet White Wine derived from sun-dried grapes.

Protected Designation of Origin.

Grape varieties: