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Naxos Island

Positioned between two of the most traveled destinations in Europe, Naxos is an amazing island in so many ways. I have only passed by a few times, but now after all I have learned I think I'll be stopping there this year.

It's fairly easy to get to Naxos, they have a small airport with fights in and out every day in the summer. The most common way to reach Naxos is by boat, there are fast and normal speed ferries everyday leaving from Piraeus port.

Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades, so it's best to rent a car or a bike so you can drive around and explore the natural beauty. Now let's get to why it makes a great destination for your Greek destination wedding. Since Naxos is on the larger size there is no shortage in venue and vendor choices. Obviously most of these places will be clustered in a few main towns. Naxos is famous for its wine, citrus fruits, amazing meat, and some of the finest cheeses. Which always are needed at various wedding events. I'm sure you won't be able to resist taking home a wheel of cheese and a bottle of their famous lemon liquor.

You may or may not be looking for a party, luckily Naxos has the best of both worlds. There are many beach parties and beach front bars with amazing cocktails, along with quiet relaxing lounge type summer bars which means there is fun for everyone.

Aside from parties on the beach there are many things to do while you are not making wedding arrangements and attending necessary appointments for your big day. And don't forget your guests who are attending the wedding are going to make a holiday out of it too. There are many castles, temples and museums to visit. Another favorite thing for people to enjoy on Naxos is wind surfing, given its position the island is a go to for many who love the sport. Now having said that the island is great for wind surfing, that means it can get pretty windy. No one can control the wind speed and direction for your wedding, but there are areas that are known for being much less windy since the winds generally come from the same direction. Me personally, I really enjoy a strong summer breeze in the hottest days of summer.

Now let's talk beaches. Given Naxos' size there are too many beaches to choose from. There are sandy and pebble beaches. Most of the beaches are very long so if there is a part that is very crowded it's easier to find a place that is more secluded. This makes it much easier to plan a beach wedding, because many times the biggest difficulty during the high season is to get a spot on the beach without sunbathers attending your wedding. Having a wedding planner to coordinate your beach wedding is a must. There are so many factors to think about and arrange aside from people swimming in the water and playing in the sand next to your beautiful wedding set up. Most of the sandy beaches are located on the western side of the island, two of the more famous ones are Agia Anna and Agious Georgios.

Given the islands amazing location, it makes it very easy to do island hopping for your honey moon or even an extended part of your guests' vacation. There are many small islands surrounding Naxos that are inhabited by locals and have many beautiful places to rest pretty much untouched by our crazy lives. I seriously recommend a trip to Naxos and a small boat tour of the smaller islands nearby.

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