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You are engaged! What's next?

First of all CONGRATULATIONS! You are now in the beginning and amazing journey with the one you love. Now whether you have dreamed of this your whole life or it was a complete surprise, there is a lot of in-between to think about before the party. Planning a wedding is not just setting a date, buying a dress, and eating cake. Before you go dress shopping with the ladies there are quite a few things to sort out. The average engagement lasts 14 months, which depending on your guest list and location is usually enough time to arrange all details. Before getting overwhelmed with the date sit down with your partner, talk about each others ideas for the wedding and dreams for the future while enjoying the moment. A good place to start is with the guest list and budget for the wedding. It is understandable if you start to feel overwhelmed by all of the planning on top of your job and daily routine. This is why there are professionals who do just this. A wedding planner may seem a bit over the top in some people's minds, but wedding planners can be very flexible with their services. You can hire a wedding planner to do everything from A to Z or only decoration and on the day co-ordination for example. Speaking with a wedding planner can help you stay on track for important documents and other time sensitive aspects of the whole wedding process, not to mention taking a huge load of tasks off of your shoulders and narrowing everything down to just a few choices. Most important thing to remember during this exciting time is to enjoy these moments, they are memories you will have forever. And they are what you will look back at to see how you have grown from two individuals into a family 

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