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Hidden Greek dream getaway destinations: Part 1. Corfu

When you first think of Greek Islands which ones come to mind? Santorini (of course), Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes? Did you know that Greece has 6,000 islands, which 227 of them are inhabited. Now I agree, the ones that are more famous are known for a reason. Our goal in these blogs is to shine a light on some of Greece's hidden dream getaway destinations and to show how many options are really out there when it comes to choosing. Corfu Corfu is located just 60 nautical miles east from the heel of Italy in the Ionian sea, and a few kilometers due west from Igoumenitsa (the nearest point to mainland Greece). Corfu also is one of the few islands with an international airport, which makes traveling to this paradise even more convenient. The majority of the population is gathered around the capital Kerkyra, one of the oldest cities in the world. The city is surrounded by two castles built by the Venetians and is now a UNESCO world heritage site. The island is also famous for its large amount of olive trees, about 4,000 in total, producing 3% of the worlds olive oil. Now let's talk beaches... When choosing to have your wedding/event in Greece, it is expected that you will also have a vacation. Corfu has a record number of beaches compared to other islands, around 119 in total. While most of them are accessible from land, there are always those private hidden beaches that you must take a boat to reach. But who wouldn't like and excuse to get on a sailboat and enjoy the sea too! 

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