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Wedding Flowers Trends 2018

Greek destination mnimalistic wedding

What a great way to start your wedding planning journey other than to look at what the trends are for 2018. I mean this year is looking bolder, more romantic, more luxurious and definitely trendier than 2017!

2018 is going to be the emphasis on the Minimalistic Luxurious style for weddings. We are going to go back to stripping back to basis and lumunate with lots of natural light colours combined with floral bold combination creating a Edgy Elegant Look to your wedding. Ideal for your Greek wedding.

I love searching the web, reading wedding magazines and following the fashion trends for inspiration. So as I was educting myself with the trends for 2018 I couldn't ignore the amazing flowers trends we have for this year. It has got me very excited and eager to create styleshoots and real weddings with these amazing floral displays.

Therefore, I decided to share this passion and excitement with you all through todays blog post.


OK! Now this trend I believe will stay with us a good while. It is totally a WOW factor for a wedding or any event in that matter. It feels and looks so romantic and luxurious that your guests will only be stunned. These floral arrangements come in many shapes and looks, either a long rectagular arrangement, round arrangements, wreaths, ceiling arrangements, walls and backdrops. You can add lightbulbs or wire lights to an extra romantic effect.


Yes, you read it correctly. Instead of a bridal bouquet you can hold a bridal wreath or wear your floral arrangement on your wrist or on a thin ribbon band around your neck. But instead wearing a real floral wreath on your hair this years trend is ceramic flower hair bands and they so look amazing instead of a tiara!


Bold colours are back in fashion this year for most Greek destination weddings. This of course does not mean that we wont be working with pastel colours. We can all adjust the fation according to what matches our style. So this year we will be working with shades of purple as Pantone colour of the year is the ultra violet, blue, pink, chilli pepper red, yellow, burgundy, grey and gold. I dare say beautiful bold mixes of coulours can only create a fantasia of colour where it will make your wedding feel more fun, informal and romantic without it loosing its elegant minimalistic luxurious feeling. You can see what I mean in the images of the gallery below, let the colours inspie you imagination as they did to me. Let your imagination run wild, close your eyes and imagine a table setting with this colourd combined from crockery to hanging flowers to cutlery and so on and you will inderstand what I am talking about.

Infact, this has totally inspired my thought of second style shoot! I will bring the images I have in mind to life inorder for you guys to get even more inspired! How cool is that?!


Here is one of my styling passions. As you already might know I am a Greek wedding planner that specialises in the minimal, white, bright, natural light, over all look with touches of green branches and leaves, style and that is due to the natural beauty of our country. Less is more concept all the way. Add to this statement combo golden or bronze details and you instantly have upgraded to a luxurious minimal look. Simple not complicated, not overloaded but clean. See gallery below and you will undesrtand what I mean.

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