How to plan your destination wedding

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Congratulations! You are engaged!

What next? You think to yourself "Where do I start planning? What do I do first?"

Don't worry at all that's why we are here today, to help you answer those questions and walk you through your first steps of planning your dream wedding.

As an experienced professional Greek destination wedding planner, I will take you by the hand and help you with your first steps of your planning journey.

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Grab a pen and paper to hold some notes if you need to. Let's start...

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How do I start planning my wedding?

It is essential for you and your fiance to have good communication skills and to be able to have a sit down together and discuss everything about your wedding day.

Ask yourselves these questions:

  • When do we want to have our wedding? (In 6 months, 1 year or 2 years?)

  • Where do we want to have our wedding? Do we want to get married in our country/hometown or do we fancy a destination wedding?

  • If you wish for a sun kissed sunset destination wedding ask yourselves which location shall we pick? Tip it can be either a place you have had holidays at before or you both really dream of going to.

  • How much money do we want to spend on our special day?

  • What style do you want your wedding to have? Make sure it matches your budget allowance.

  • What services will we need? What professionals will we need to hire? The list of suppliers you might need is: ceremony venue, wedding venue, wedding planner, photographer, videographer, make-up artist, hairstylist, baker, stationary, florist, decor, DJ, live band, transportation.

  • And the all important question: How many guests will we have at our wedding? Who will we invite to our very special day?

  • What ceremony would we have? A legal civil wedding, a legal church wedding or a symbolic wedding?

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Start the research

Once you have answered all the above questions you are pretty much set with a clearer picture of what your wedding day would look like.

Having your vision in mind, it is very important that you start searching the internet or your local area for your ceremony/wedding venues. Be specific in what you are searching for. Make sure the venues tick all your requirements list. You can read more about what to ask your venues here. You will need to market search for all the suppliers you are wanting to hire. Collect their details, their offers and compare them. See and decide which supplier you feel happy with and hire them.

Buy or download a printable wedding planner

A good thing to have at this time of your planning process, where you are collecting all your information and offers, is to have all your wedding planning information in one place. You can buy or you can download a personalized printable wedding planner PDF and put it in a binder. It will help you be in full control of your planning journey. We happen to have one for you. It's the one and only destination downloadable/ printable wedding planner out there that is ideal for planning a wedding in Greece and not only. I'm sure it can be very helpful for other destinations too. Find out more about it here.

Image of 4 pages from the Destination Downloadable/Printable 100 page Floral Wedding Planner

Book your Venues & Suppliers

You've done your research, compared prices, compared offers and you have found the venue/supplier that offers you the best value for your money, you like their work and you are happy to proceed with their bookings.

Each venue/supplier will ask you for the following information: Wedding date, Wedding time, Number of guests and which package you have chosen.

Now, upon each booking you will be asked a small % of that venue's/supplier's total fee as a deposit to secure your booking with them and as you get closer to the wedding day you will be requested to pay the balances.

Write your guest list & send out your invitations

So now that you have an official wedding date booked and all the suppliers you need, you have to tackle the guest list. St down with your fiance and write down your VIP list for you and then a list of your friends and distant family members that you would wish to invite. Do not fall in the trap of you "need to" invite everyone! No this is your special day, you need to make sure that you invite the people that will be genuinely happy to share your happiness on your big day. Once you have your list it is time to send