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Greek Favour Gifts Ideas

Having a wedding in Greece could not be complete without a favour gift that reminds one of Greece. So as a Greek wedding planner, I've put a few favour gift ideas for you in this post for you to think about and choose which one you believe would represent you both better. Is it a traditional pouch with sugar coated almonds or a bottle of Ouzo?

Choosing the favour gifts for our wedding was the hardest thing. You may ask why? Well we both wanted to have favour gifts that reminded us of Greece but also combine both countries traditions (the UK's and Greece's). So we decided to have the traditional box with sugar coated chocolate sweets (trendy for Greek weddings recently, image of it above) but also we had small practical favours for men & women just like the ones done in the UK.

At a typical Greek wedding you will find only one favour gift given to you straight after the wedding ceremony or at the reception table and that would be a sugar coated almond pouch of tuile tied with a bow with or without a charm attached to it.

The number of sweets in each pouch should be 3, 5 or 7 according to the Greek tradition (which is normally connected to a religious reason)

So 3 sweets stands for The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit

5 sweets in the pouch symbolises The 5 wishes to the couple for a life full of Health, Long Life, Fertility, Wealth & Happiness

And 7 sweets symbolises The 7 Mysteries of the Orhtodox Church.

More and more couples today are choosing different options for their wedding gifts which are more unique and fun. More and more Greek couples are choosing favour gifts ideas taken for the UK and USA, so we are finding the mix and match option of tradition along side the new entry of fashion to the favour gifts ideas in Greece is adding a more fun, personalised feel to each couples wedding which helps them stand out better than only the traditional one favour gift option.

So I have put a gallery together for you to have a look on most of the Greek style alternative options you coul consider for your Greek destination wedding.

It's beautiful to see how we can combine traditional Greek wedding ideas and Greek products in such a remarkably creative way. Having a bottle with olive oil and rosemary branch tagged with a Thank You sign is just something that all your guests will remeber forever why? Because it is a Greek product that everyone enjoys and uses in their food plus it's simply a very cool looking and thoughtful wedding gift.

Another image that you saw in the gallery is the Mini Ouzo personalised favour gift bottle. Now the majority of people like drinking Ouzo while on holiday in Greece. If you have a family or guests that don't like the taste of it and the majority are more likely to enjoy a beer or a Prosecco that you coul, for example, also buy bottles of Greek beer and label them for the men and the same with a mini personalised bottle of Prosecco for the ladies.

The options are numerous out there all you need to do is think of your theme, what your guests would appreciate and what represents you both best.

Adding touches like this will make your Greek destination wedding a wedding to remember.

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