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City weddings vs Island weddings

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Congartulations! You are engaged and have decided you are going for a Greek destination wedding hooray! But, you do not have a clue to where your wedding to be. Do you go for a city wedding? Or an island wedding? There is always that time where you have to stop and think what would be best for you and your guests.

So if you are in that situation threat not! We are here to point out for you what are the pros and cons of each choice to help you choose your ideal Greek wedding location.

Lake Vouliagmenis venue in athens

City Weddings

Having a city wedding can come with many many pros. To start with, the majority of Greek cities have international airports near to them, which means easy to travel to from any part of the world. The other basic fact is that cities have larger transportation links therefore, cheaper transportation (talking mainly about bus transportations) but also a more transportation options such as the tube (metro), buses, taxis and private coach/car hire. Having a wedding near the city comes with big plus sign when it comes to hiring venues and suppliers as they are all based in the cities which leads to better prices with no extra travel charges or accommodations. A city also has it's attraction sites such as museums, historical monuments, art galleries, cinemas, clubs, shopping centres and many more that can be a great way to entertain your guests. But one of my most favourite reasons in choosing a city wedding is that 95% of Greek major cities are on the coast or near a coast line which is ideal to accommedate beautiful beach resorts, venues and hotels. That automaticly helps you create a wedding combo with a holiday for your guests! It's child friendly as they host many kids activities during spring and summer with pupet shows and music festivals but also nearly everywhere has easy access for disabled people. Venues can hold your wedding party till the early hours of the day. You get a wider choice of wedding suppliers and so on.

In my humble opinion, a city wedding has it all and yes it is easier to plan a wedding there.

Crete wedding on the beach

Island Weddings

Island weddings always have that wow factor on each islands beauty. Greece has 6.000 islands of which only 227 are inhabited! Greeks also say that "When God created the world he had a handful of rocks leftover, so he threw the stones and there where the Greek islands" each has it's look and each has it's own beauty. I can go on and on about this so lets get back to our point.

Many of our islands are well established with airports, trasportation networks, hotels, 5* resorts, bars, clubs and restaurants, ancient monuments, museums that have nothing less than a city to offer you they are equally professional suppliers and wedding hosts. They are a brilliant choice for a wedding because they have everything you may need for your wedding and this is where an island wedding may win the battle vs a city wedding.... it has that island charm that all of us long to see when we mention Greece and it's islands.

There is a down side though, some of our islands are so traditional and small that are not as established as the bigger more famous ones. Which means, yes you can definitely plan a unique wedding on a smaller island where no one else has done but these islands may also not have an airport which means you and your guests will have to fly to the nearest airport and from there to take a boat to the island. The suppliers choises are smaller but still are at a high level of quality and professionalism. There are a few cases where you might need to bring in to the island from a nearby city or other island some of the suppliers. Which means that you will have to bare in mind travel and accommodation costs for these suppliers.

Other than the things mentioned above an island wedding has it's own magic sense it's own romantic atmosphere where you totally live the dream.

If you ask me as a Greek wedding planner on what my heart would choose, I would say island wedding. Why? Because I am a romantic person and love the beauty of our islands. I can't replace that with anything in the world. Don't get me wrong, my mind would say: I am a city girl born and lived my life in the city. I absolutly adore the ancient city streets and shops they hold a special place in my heart with beautiful memories. But when it comes to romance and weddings I love the islands.

Wedding planner greece wedding

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