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Top Questions to ask your venue

Time for the planning to begin with booking the venue for your wedding ceremony and reception or just for your reception party.

Viewing the venues is one of the fun things to do while planning your wedding. You get treaded like a VIP and get offered a drink or a dessert on the house. Greeks totally know how to treat their guests in a most warming and welcoming way I must say.

But there a few things while viewing the venues that you should always have in mind to ask. Here is a few very important questions that will help you decide which is the best venue to host your wedding. Remember In order to say a venue is ideal for you it must tick most of the following questions in a positive way. Let’s begin.

Have you got our desired date available?

The first and most important question to my opinion is this one! Once you know that the venue has got your desired date available, only then that venue can be a possible choice for your wedding and you can continue on to the following questions.

How many guests can your venue accommodate?

Is the venue big enough to host your party? Or is it too small? If the venue is too small, well that automatically removes it from the favourites but if it can accommodate the number of guests you are expecting then happy days! Also make sure that they can host your guests as a seated number.

What is the venue's fee and what does it include?

Each venue has a fee which basically is the rental of the venue for your wedding. Some wedding venues include in their fee the costs of tables, chairs, service provided etc. and others don't. It is good to know exactly how much each venues fees are and what do they include in order for you to be able to compare them and choose the one that has ticked the box of more services provided for a good value.

Do they cater food or will you have to hire an external catering company?

The majority of Greek venues cater themselves the dinner as they have their own chefs working at the venue. But in other venues they use external catering companies. Note catering companies in Greece also provide tables, chairs, cutlery and other options.

What menu options do they give and do they offer any drinks + dinner packages?

Depending on the number of guests the venue / catering will recommend the best choice of menu for you. Either a seated served style or an open buffet.

Always ask for packages either for drinks only or a combination of food + drink packages. Does the menu/buffet price include a welcome drink? How long does the open bar last for? Will there be an extra charge for any additional hours? Do the prices include VAT? If not the VAT charge in Greece is 24% of the price. Do they accommodate for any food allergies, vegetarian/vegan options?

A big plus is that most catering/venues are flexible and give you the choice to create your own dinner combinations.

Do they work with specific suppliers or can you choose your own?

Wedding venues in Greece in their majority are strict with their catering policy meaning you are not allowed to bring in an external catering to serve in their venue. But when it comes to suppliers they all have people they cooperate with and would gladly recommend them to you. They are quite flexible in accepting other suppliers in.

It is rare to find a venue that works exclusively with a specific number of suppliers and not allow or welcome others to work there.

In case of bad weather what is their plan B?

Venues in Greece are 90% outdoor. They all have a sheltered area where in case of bad weather they can still accommodate the wedding party. But again if they don't have a sheltered area they have marquis and tipi tents with no worries at all.

What is the music time restrictions?

If the wedding venue is located within a populated area the music by law has to be turned half way down at midnight. If the venue is in a non populated area then you have nothing to worry about you can party uptill sunrise.

What is your payment and cancellation policy?

Each venue have their own T's & C's. In general, you pay a deposit upon booking between 30% to 50% to secure your booking for the chosen date.

The balance is due on the day off or a few days to a couple of weeks prior the wedding date. Deposits are made by a bank transfer and the balance in cash while in Greece.

Each venue has it's own cancellation policy of which you can ask them about while being with them.

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