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How to relax on your wedding day

Santorini weddings

The brides Day! Whether you are a business woman or just plain busy all the time chances are you might have a hard time winding down for your big day and just focusing on yourself. Of all the days this is the one that you need some down time. Me personally I would like to get a massage, listen to music, and just disconnect from everything for a while. Throughout the past few years being a destination wedding planner I have met many kinds of women with many different ideas of "me time".

Indulge in a spa day.

Its's a classic and for a good reason. Nothing beats a good soak in a hot tub, facials, and massages. There are a few things to be careful of though, on the day of your wedding you shouldn’t do any serious facials or massages. Speak with your spa and let them know that you only want relaxing rejuvenating treatments, your peals and deep cleaning facials should be done in the weeks prior. Also, if you are not used to getting massages you should tell your masseuse to not do any deep repairing work because it can often make you sore for a day or two and the whole point is to relax.

Spa day massage

Indulge in a little retail therapy for your honeymoon.

If you are having your destination wedding in Greece, every town has little streets to explore which are perfect for some retail therapy. Even if you aren't looking for something special for your honey moon us women can always find satisfaction in buying even the smallest souvenirs. Grab a coffee, take a stroll, and relax.

Take a fitness class.

It's not for everyone but it is known that exercise is great for boosting energy and making you feel great after. Just like with the spa there are things to be careful of if this is not part of your regular routine. Here in Greece we have such amazing beaches and nature, many women enjoy doing an outdoor yoga class with a private instructor.

Fit for the wedding

Empty your calendar for the week before your wedding.

This may be one of the more difficult items on this list but defiantly the most important. The Key to wedding planning is being organized, there is no space for procrastinating. There are always last-minute tasks that need to be done, so really try and limit the number of things you have to do. The easiest way to ensure that this happens is by having the help of a wedding planner, especially if you are having a destination wedding.

Find your calm

Being cool and collected the day of your wedding is important for you to enjoy this magical event in your life. The past year or two of planning is finally coming together. You should defiantly be excited and happy, but so many times brides get overwhelmed with all the details the last minute when they should be focusing on themselves. If something unexpected happens the last second already being calm will help you to deal with the situation and find solution.

Keep calm and hire a wedding planner

Hire a planner

I know for some a wedding planner is not in the budget, and I can understand. Many people have the idea that a hiring a wedding planner means loads of money and that they will arrange every detail, this is not true. Wedding planners have many resources that can help you. Some offer hourly organization meetings or e-book guides to help you to be as organized as a professional. Another great option is partial planning or just "on the day" coordination. If you are planning a destination wedding abroad I suggest at least partial planning because a destination wedding planner has more connections with vendors and the know how in their own country.

Be true to yourself

I may have missed your favorite way to relax, but the point is to do what makes YOU happy and relaxed. Sometimes friends and family members can have a different idea of how you should spend your big day, just kindly let them know that you have some important things you need to do for yourself (I'm sure they will understand). Who knows maybe your way of relaxing is having a mini spa day at your hotel/home and get ready all together with nibbles, drinks, music, and all your best friends.

Give technology a break

This would not have been on my list if I was writing this 10 years ago, but in this day and age technology constantly is taking our attention. I'm not saying don’t post on instagram or facebook and no phone calls, but my biggest piece of advice to brides I work with is to delegate the social media aspect of your wedding to someone else. You have hired a photographer to catch every moment and what they don’t catch I'm sure a friend with a phone will. Live the moment and enjoy every second of it!

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