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Legal wedding in Greece

leagal wedding greece

 Greece is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. But did you know that you can marry legally in Greece? Yes, you can have a legal civil or a church wedding, 

Now to help you decide which one is best for you here are some tips you need to know for your wedding in Greece.

Religious church wedding vs Civil wedding

Church weddings:

You can have a religious church wedding either an orthodox or a catholic wedding in Greece. Orthodox weddings are more strict and are only allowed to take place within the church or its surrounding yard.  A catholic wedding (yes, there many catholic churches all over Greece) is more free and can take place outside the church such as a wedding venue. For both weddings to be legal you will need to get your permission from the local registry office and submit (the day after the wedding) your wedding inorder to receive your marriage license.

Civil wedding:

A civil wedding can take place either at the town hall or at the wedding venue. Note that some locations have strict orders to have the wedding at the registry office and then follow it up with a symbolic ceremony at your desired venue. Again the process is the same you will need to submit your legal documents at the local registry office for permission to get married and on the day after your wedding you go to submit your wedding in order to receive your legal marriage license.

It is totally up to your preferance which legal wedding you wish to have either a church blessing or a celebrants authorisation. They both can be very special and unique. They both need the same (more or less) documents to be legalised under the same procedure by the official authorities.

Not a big fan of neither? No worries at all!

If you wish to have a legal wedding in your own country and have only a symbolic ceremony in Greece that can also happen.

What is a Symbolic wedding?

A symbolic wedding is an unofficial ceremony conducted by a celebrant at any location you like. There are various symbolic ceremonies that you can choose from to personalise your wedding such as tying the knot and many more.

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