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10 Tips for planning your wedding in Greece

It is a known fact when it comes to planning a wedding that the more time you have and organized you are, the smoother things will fall into place (hopefully). This couldn't be truer for planning your destination wedding in Greece. Greek Dream Planners is always here to answer questions and help you to piece together your big event. These are a few tips we hope you find helpful for your wedding in Greece.

1. Plan ahead:

When planning a wedding at home you may be able to get away with shortcuts and last min planning, but when planning a wedding abroad (no matter the country), you will need to be on top of deadlines and bookings. It is wise to hire a wedding planner for most if not all your wedding needs when getting married in a foreign country. Between the language difference, the cultural difference, and all the normal details of a wedding a wedding planner can help left some of the pressure and make your wedding planning much easier. In Santorini for example: wedding venues and other professional services are booked for 1-3 years in advance, and now with the tourist amount rising for the small island there is rumor of a waiting list to visit. So, get to it and start your planning.

2. Common courtesy:

Another reason we suggest to plan ahead is for your family and friends. In order to have as many of your loved ones there for you, it is only fair to get the invitations out asap. Be prepared that some of your close friends and family may not be able to attend for many different reasons. Just as you have budgeting and arranging to manage, they have a little extra now too. That being said, by having your wedding Greece you are giving your family and friends and extra special reason to take a vacation in an amazing place... We all need a reason to take a vacation.

3. Greece is your Oyster:

When imagining your wedding in Greece picture the baby blue skies, white buildings, and clear waters. Greece has so much inspiration for designing your wedding scheme everywhere you look. You can go full on glam and super modern or a classic beach wedding. Greece also has many castles and forests destinations that would make for an amazing event.

4. Purchase and store items needed for wedding in Greece

From my experience as a wedding planner in Greece, there is never enough luggage space when traveling. One of the best ways I help brides fix this is we have as much of the supplies, decorations, favor gifts, etc. stored in Greece. That way the bride only has to worry about.... well, about 100 other things to pack.

5. Prepare yourself for the Sun

Greece is known for its beautiful weather, but for people from other parts of the world the hot summer season can be too much. With temperatures reaching + /-40 Celsius during July and August, we recommend you be careful in the sun the day before your wedding if not more. Not only would your photographer have double the work trying to take way your lobster tint, but you would be uncomfortable when you should just be happy and living the moment. If you know you will want to be sun kissed for your big day I would suggest making a tanning plan 1 month before the wedding. That way you have enough time to accumulate color so it can look natural and glowing. Another important thing to remember while staying in Greece is to stay hydrated. You will feel better on your wedding day and your skin will photograph that much better when you drink the proper amount of fluids.

6.Take the time of year into account:

Aside from the sun, there are other things to understand about July and August in Greece. These 2 months, and sometimes half of June and September, are high tourist season. Making prices high and hotel availability scarce in some places (another reason why planning ahead is necessary). You also must take into account the times your closest family and friends can come. Some may have kids in school or job restrictions which would not allow them to come certain times in the year. This is a tough task to co-ordinate on your own. A wedding planner can help you to organize all of this information and get a date that works for everyone.

7.Take a mini vacation:

Even if you hire a wedding planner in Greece we do recommend to take at least one trip, if not two before the wedding. By coming and seeing the venues, hotels, beaches, and lifestyle in Greece you will have a better understanding of all your arrangements and how the big day will work. You can also take some of your own pictures and take them back to your guests to get them even more excited.

8.Get help:

Now I'm not suggesting this because I'm a wedding planner, but really HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER! Even if you are the most organized person in the world and have been to Greece 20 times, a wedding planner can help in a few small ways that will take away a lot of stress. Planning your wedding is not just pick out flowers, buy a dress, look fabulous, and invite a whole lot of people for a fancy dinner and drinks... There is so much more to arrange like: paper work, music, lights, churches, cars, food, oh and the cake...mmm. You do not have to hire a wedding planner to do from A-Z if you cannot afford it, we have many ways we can help you with your wedding dreams.

9.So many places to choose from, so many things to consider:

If choosing one of Greece's beautiful islands is making plans too complicated for you or your guests, there are many more options. On the main land of Greece there are endless venues, beaches, and restaurants that have the island feel without taking a boat ride. If you do choose a mainland venue, you could always save the island hopping for your honeymoon. This option makes travel and costs easier in some cases for you and your guest, but still makes magical moments.

10. Dress the part:

If you have never been to Greece the summer is hot, and the winter can get cold. Depending on the time of year you have chosen for your wedding day, you should choose your dress accordingly. This also goes for your guests; the men will not be able to wear full suits in the heat or the women to wear fabrics that don't breathe.

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