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Traditions of love all around the world...

These day's it is very common for people to fall in love with someone from the other side of the planet. Call It fate, destiny, or anything else you wish love has its ways. Once you have begun planning your wedding each side will contribute their family's traditions. Their different ways to celebrate the shared joy for the couple really gives us insight to their culture. Some countries have more traditions and stories to tell than others, but in the end of the evening when the party is over memories are made and families grew stronger.

It may not be your family's way to go " My big fat Greek wedding" style, but the Greeks sure do know how to celebrate the couple's big day. In Greece, the traditions start from the moment you tell your family the happy news. Days before the wedding the families get together and prepare the Krevati (the couples bed), things such as money, wheat, and babies are placed on the bed. The items placed on the bed are to symbolize prosperity and fertility. This preparing of the bed custom also is common in a few other cultures, but can vary with the items used. Another Greek tradition for the bride to do on her wedding day is to write all of her single girlfriends' names on the bottom of her shoes. Depending on what the bride decides the first or the last name to be rubbed off will be the next to be married. As far as Greek weddings go, I would need a whole book to go over every amazing and symbolic detail.

There are many traditions that a lot of cultures share. Such as, cutting cake, giving Jordan almonds after the ceremony, throwing rice, and many more. Below is a list of some interesting traditions I found:

• Wales: Back in the day, when a Welshman was in love and ready to propose, he would carve spoons from wood and give them to his beloved. The spoons would be decorated with keys as a symbol of the key to his heart and beads to show how many kids he hoped for. • Germany: The bride and groom clean up broken plates and cups that the guests have smashed for them. This is to ward off evil spirits and give the couple a lesson in working together. • Greece: The best man will come to the grooms house the day of the wedding and shave his face, along with other family members who will help dress him for his big day. They also have a similar get together at the bride's house, but without the close shave. • Russia: The bride and groom share a sweet bread called karavaya( decorated with wheat and interlocking rings for prosperity and faithfulness). Whoever takes the biggest bite without using their hands is considered the head of the family. • Philippines: The happy couple release a couple of white doves (one male and one female), which represents a harmonious life together. • Venezuela: if you are waiting to see the happy couple at the end of the night, don’t wait too long. It is good luck for the newlyweds to sneak out before the party is done. It is also good luck for the guest who catches on to their plan.

If you and your partner don't have any special traditions from your family's heritage make it your own. Sit down together, do some research, and pick out a few symbolic rituals that you both would like to take part in together. It's your big day together and that's what matters, regardless of where you are from.

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