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Hydra Island

Panoramic image of Hydra island port

Known as one of Greece's most romantic places, Hydra is one of a kind! It is located in the Aegean Sea between the Saronic gulf and the Argolic gulf. You can reach Hydra with a 2-hour ferry ride from Athens, which makes it very easy for all your wedding guests. My favorite part of hydra is the fact that it is the only island in Greece where there are no cars or motorcycles (aside from a few rubbish trucks). You may think that this makes life inconvenient but the way the island towns are built makes it easy and enjoyable to walk everywhere. If you want to take a rest from walking there are many mules and horses that will gladly give you a memorable ride back in time.

Hydra harbour with a beautiful view

Hydra makes for a great destination wedding location because it is so untouched by the outside world. Surrounded by beautiful nature, picturesque architecture, and rich history your wedding trip will be full of exploring and enjoying raw Greek culture. There are many venues near the water which are perfect for your wedding celebrations. This little island is a great place for hiking with paths that will lead you to old mansions and monasteries. Every time I visit Hydra I immediately become relaxed and ready to enjoy a true vacation.

Hydra island donkey transportation

As you stroll along the shoreline in the heart of town you will encounter churches, canons, museums, statues of famous heroes, the old gun powder store, and much more. The streets are full of classic Greek winding trails beautiful flowers which all make for stunning memories and photo shoots.

Hydra island beach

A few of the famous beaches in Hydra are :Vlichos, Kaminia, Bisti, and Agios Nikolaos. Aside from walking you may also take a water taxi from various towns and beaches. Given hydras location it is also easy to do some island hopping and visit neighboring islands Spetses and Poros. Hydra is also known as a yachting paradise which is why it is common to see fleets of sail boats near the island. Also, worth mentioning Hydra became famous to the world thanks to the film "Boy on a Dolphin" filmed on the island in 1957 starring Sophia Loren as lead.

One thing I would like to mention, it is known that when booking your wedding details, you should plan ahead. Hydra is very exclusive and as it is a small island venues and various vendors book far in advance. So book some tickets, come for a visit , and start your planning!

Destination wedding Hydra island Greece

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