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Santorini Weddings

From Akrotiri to Oia, Santorini has many wonders for all of its guests to discover. Having been there on many occasions I have had a chance to experience this stunning Greek destination, and I have realized why it is on many people's wish list. As a destination wedding planner I always have my eye out for potential venues and venders, and let me tell you Santorini by far exceeds all expectations.

From the moment you have decided that you want to get married abroad, you clearly have certain things in mind. In my experience Santorini has it all when it comes to checking off your wedding checklist. Its exotic location along with its rich history dating back to the 4th millennium b.c. makes the possibilities for a good time endless. In Oia(north tip of Santorini)you will have the chance to walk through a town that defies the laws of nature. Famous for its small narrow paths and white buildings with the sky as its background, it is no wonder why couples from all over the world use this back drop for their destination wedding photos.

From Fira to Imerovigli you will find yourself in the heart of the island. Overlooking the caldera these areas are filled with amazing hotels, cafes, restaurants, and much more. If you have the opportunity these areas are very nice to stay in given the view and the fact that it is so central.

My favorite activity by far was taking a sailing tour of the caldera. We had a chance to eat great food and see Santorini from another point of view. There are also many underwater caves to be explored, as well as trails to hike. Santorini is also known for its unique wine. I have enjoyed many tastings and gifted many bottles of their sweet wine. There are many vineyards throughout the island all enriched by the volcanic ash and sweetened by the sun. Make sure when you are here you take advantage of the tours and get a taste of the islands soul.

In Akrotiri you will find historical archeological sites, giving some insight to the islands history. There you will have the chance to walk along streets and squares, see how the citywas constructed, and see what life was like before the volcano erupted. Also located in Akrotiri is the famous "Red beach". Only accessible by foot or boat, the red beach is covered in iron enriched red sand. The contrast between the blue waters and the red sand really make this swimming experience once in a life time.

Another famous beach located in Santorini is the "Black beach" located in Perrisa(south part of the island). Covered with black sandy beaches, this beach is a great place to enjoy many water sport activities. Aside from the water sports, it’s a nice place to sit back at a beach bar, soak up some sun, and relax.

It is no wonder why Santorini has been the choice for many couples getting married in Europe. The island really has a way of making an already magical celebration even more exclusive and memorable.

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