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February 27, 2018

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Skopelos "Mamma Mia" Island

October 10, 2017



Located just East of mainland Greece in the Aegean Sea lies a Green gem many came to know from the
musical film Mamma Mia. Skopelos like most of Greece is beyond breathtaking in natural beauty, history, and
culture. It's no wonder the producers of Mamma Mia choose this destination for their film. That being
said, despite being famous from the 2008 hit musical, the locals have managed to keep the island as it
always has been. I was sure that on the boat the tourists would start to sing songs from the film, but
nearly ten years after filming I was amazed to find that Skopelos remains untouched from the spotlight,
although I'm sure you could find some local sitting at a coffee shop who would love to talk about the film.



Skopelos is a great choice for your wedding abroad for so many reasons. the island really does check off
almost all my criteria for a Greek destination wedding. Don't get me wrong I love Santorini for weddings
in Greece, but Skopelos is like no other. With over 70% of the island covered in pristine pine forest, it is
said to be one of the greenest islands of Greece. Having so much greenery makes for some amazing
venue choices. The mixture between green trees, clear waters, and baby blue skies will leave your
guests in awe when they celebrate your special day. In the town of Glossa you will find villages with
white washed houses nestled on steep slopes and full of small pathways through the town. By far the
town of Glossa has the best views on the island.



Given the location of Skopelos, it is not only ideal for a dream wedding but also a vacation of a life time.
The island sits between Skiathos and Alonissos near the biggest marine conservation zone in Greece,
making it ideal for under water adventures. These three islands are the only inhabited islands of the
Northern Sporades group of islands, but there are many little islands around waiting to be explored by
kayak or small boat. Aside from the water, because of the islands vast forestry you can take very
enjoyable hikes in nature while being protected from the sun.
One of the most famous scenes from Mama Mia is the wedding. The church of Agios Ioannis perched up
on a 100-meter-high rock is one of my favorite choices for weddings. I was surprised once again when I
visited last year to see only a few Mama Mia fans, even the beach below only had about 10 people on it.
Of course, there are many churches and other venues to choose from for your dream wedding in
Greece. I suggest take a vacation before your wedding and go venue hunting, it will be hard to choose but worth the trip I assure you. 



Skopelos also has very clear blue beaches, some with sand and others with rock. Most of the nicest
beaches are located on the West side of the island, but generally anywhere you find a small beach the
water will be crystal clear.
Greece has so many stunning places to choose from for a destination wedding in Europe that it makes it very hard to choose just one. Skopelos makes it easy by being an all-in-one island and is one of my  

favorite places to relax.

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